Manufacturing and commercial enterprise “Eleon - Trade“ LLC
Line of business: Since date of foundation (31.05.2001) the company is supplier of crumbling nonmetallic building materials:
- natural break stone (granite, gravel, quartzite, quarry stone, gabbro-diabase, limy);
- artificial (blast-furnace, steel-smelting, produced by Severstal, used in road and house building);
- granulated slag for cement and building industry, delivery by water and railway transport (consumers are cement and building holding companies);
- building fractionated sand (washed, slurry, dry);
- gravel;
- OPGS (enriched sand-gravel mixture), PGS (sand-gravel mixture).

The Company effects delivery of products to consumer by own and affreight water transport of independent transport operators with economy delivery optimization thanks to way cargo; effects delivery by own and/or rent automobile and railway transport. Our company effects transshipment delivery: delivery by water transport, disembarkation, keeping, transport loading.

It provides affreightment, agency, logistic services, water, railway and automobile shipment. Our partners: Severstal OJSC, Eurocement group OJSC, Alfacement OJSC, Shipowning company “Volzhskiy steamship line” OJSC.

Line of business: affreightment, agency service, cargo carrying by water transport in area of Northwest water basins of RF, in area of upper, middle and under Povolzhye.
Cherepovets tel./fax: +7 (8202) 51-81-08, 51-78-07
Sankt-Petersburg tel./fax: +7 (812) 740-11-37

Line of business: motor maintenance, volume and retail sale of cement, retail trade of  nonfoods products, sale and service of yachts, motor boats, boats, snowmobiles, scooters, quad bikes, delivery of utilities and attached implements for them, everything for active rest, in sight and custom-built.

Scientific and production company “ECOCENTRE” LLC
Line of business: scientific and production activity, processing, utilization of factory waste (metallurgical, chemical, building and other industries), production of materials for building and economic needs, certification of finished articles.

Manufacturing and commercial enterprise “Eleon-Story” LLC
Line of business: major repairs and building, cottages, projection and building.

Line of business: complex decisions, projecting, assembling, service for informing, computer, telephone and electric networks, fire and security alarm system, wireless decisions for offices, home automation systems “clever house”, delivery and service of network equipment, office equipment and computers.

Knazheskiy dvor LLC
Line of business: touristic services on territory of RF.

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